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lovehatelove's Journal

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the man who fell to earth
20 October 1981
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Paradise Lost is Love!
Made by zombi357


"If I must die, I will encounter darkness as a bride, and hug it in mine arms."
-William Shakespeare; Measure for Measure

I write poetry and those who have read it tell me my poetry is "deep." Someone even told me my poetry reminded them of Edgar Allan Poe. I can't assure you that you'll feel the same way but I post it from time to time.

I also like to read.

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Cristina Scabbia is Love.
by amethystia

1349, absu, afi, agalloch, all that remains, amen, amon amarth, amorphis, anaal nathrakh, anathema, angel dust, arch enemy, as i lay dying, at the gates, bal-sagoth, bathory, behemoth, beseech, black flag, black metal, bleeding through, bloodbath, borknagar, botch, boy sets fire, burzum, carcass, carpathian forest, charon, children of bodom, cold, cradle of filth, crematory, cryptopsy, daemonarch, danzig, dark funeral, dark tranquillity, darkest hour, darkthrone, daylight dies, dead can dance, dead poetic, death metal, depeche mode, dillinger escape plan, dimmu borgir, doom metal, down, draconian, earth crisis, emperor, enslaved, entwine, evergreen terrace, fear factory, fields of nephilim, flowing tears, funeral doom, goatwhore, god forbid, goth, gothic metal, gothic women, graveland, graveworm, hate eternal, hypocrisy, immortal, in flames, iron maiden, isis, j.r.r tolkien, john saul, katatonia, khold, killswitch engage, lacuna coil, leokadia, loss, lucyfire, marduk, marilyn manson, mayhem, mercyful fate, meshuggah, misfits, moonspell, morbid angel, mortal decay, motorhead, my dying bride, napalm death, nattefrost, nevermore, nightrage, nightwish, nonexist, novembers doom, on broken wings, opeth, overcast, pantera, paradise lost, poetry, poison the well, poisonblack, project pitchfork, rammstein, razed in black, samael, satyricon, sentenced, shadows fall, shape of despair, sirenia, slayer, snapcase, soilent green, soilwork, sonata arctica, stephen king, tapping the vein, the gathering, the great deceiver, the hope conspiracy, the kovenant, theatre of tragedy, thine, thursday, tiamat, to/die/for, tristania, type o negative, underoath, unearth, vampires, video games, viking metal, vintersorg, virgin black, vision of disorder, weight lifting, white zombie, within temptation, worship, writing, xasthur

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